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Thinking of Selling?
We offer a free current market analysis and consultation
We are full time Realtors and understand that selling a home is a big deal for a home owner!
There are so many reasons why a homeowner decides to sell their home and for many, even when it is for a happy reason, it is still scary and stressful.  We do more than sell homes!   We provide information so that our clients can make the choices that are best for them.  We understand that knowledge and having an understanding of the process will help our clients feel confident with the decisions they will make along the way. 
  • Learn what the market value is of your home
  • We'll provide an equity work up sheet
  • Show you what we'd do to market your home
  • Work with you to properly prepare your home for sale
  • Evaluate your home to prevent any possible problems during the escrow process
  • Explain to you the steps and what you can expect along the way
Buyers We Have You Covered!!
Our Agents Know Coconino County!
Whether you are new to the area or have been here a while, using a Realtor who knows the county is important. Coconino County offers a large variety of climates, terrains, vegetations, neighborhood types, and utility availability.  Our experience will help you find just what you are looking for!  We don't just sell homes, we guide you through the process and work to make sure that you are well informed along the way so that you feel confident when you make an offer on a home. 
The first step to home ownership is teaming up with a lender and a Realtor!
Realtors and lenders work together as a team. Your lender provides your Realtor with the information that your Realtor will use to find the home that will work with your loan.  We've provided links to the lenders in our area who have over the years proven that they know what they are doing. 
Realtors are trained and educated to represent the interest of their client and listing agents represent the interest of the seller. A buyer will receive no such service calling on signs and talking to listing agents. Hiring one Realtor is FREE!!!  You don't bounce from doctor to doctor for the best care so for the very best service and home buying experience working with one Realtor is the answer. Realtors who work for you are constantly on the lookout for your home and they will know about the new home on the market a day before most sites such as Trulia.    Contact us today to start the path to home ownership!!!!
Lynne Dewar
Academy Mortgage

Serving all of Coconino County!!

We are a locally owned full-service real estate brokerage offering sales and property management services.  Our team offers years of Coconino County real estate experience. 

Free Consultations

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